Bimmy Von Ulfernsteff.


             Okay, the name?  East Germany… the ‘Cold War’, Crossing the Iron Curtain Borderlands. A different Time. Quite different.

      Every Family can tell a different Story.  Was an odyssey the Von Ulfernsteffs made in 1979. Bimmy was a mere Twinkle in his Father’s Eye back then, but the Family had been trapped in a part of Germany that was termed East Germany after 1945. A harsh life, a Family stripped of its Pride and hope.

      Seeking a better life to the West, Bimmy’s future Parents made the crossing with his older Brother Marcus, against the advice of their Friends. This was done with a small Tunnel and a stolen Border Guard Captain’s Uniform, Cap and Greatcoat. 

      Which Bimmy still keeps faithfully.


                  Fast forward to when a young Bimmy, now 8 Years old and living in Vancouver, British Columbia - was introduced to a Drumset for the first time—he became ‘Hooked’.This is what gave him his driving force.  Although he was quite successful in School, an early childhood accident during a Helicopter ride had left him experiencing trouble adding numbers in his head. Noted as a problem at School where he had access to Pen, Pencil and Paper—there was always a means to an end. Just that later in life—he could fudge by on things, but he never could catch on at Playing Cards Games, which betrayed his adding problems.


                  Listening to Classic Rock’ n’ Roll was the common denominator with the Band Bimmy eventually Joined, or helped form ,’BELT OF ORION’.

      His Life changed in a new direction when he attended Senior School—joined the School Band and met and collaborated with a fellow school mate called Mike Parris. Their inspiration was helped by listening to British psychedelic Rock Music , that…and a School trip to a nearby Planetarium.

      The attraction of Science, Space and all the Alternatives that the Great Cosmos can offer—he thought, could be transmitted through Music. This became the Musical partnership, and quest of Bimmy and Mike Parris later on in their lives.

       …. And this is another Story.