Mr. Savoi    



           Denis Lee Savoi was born in the City of Duncan, on the Coast Salish Hul’q’umi’num (Cowichan band) territory in the Province of British Columbia, and it seemed his future was a good and stable one.

        As he grew older and into a young Adult, he left school and entered the Vancouver Island University (Malaspina) and studied in their Music Programs. His home at that time was not far from Campus so the costs of his Studies were not added to with accommodation as well, thus focused upon Learning solely.

       Den's love of various String and Brass Instruments and Music in general soon overshadowed any hopes his parents had of his following them into the Medical Profession.

        It was an interest in Classic Rock that propelled his direction towards Music Genres and performing to an audience. While he had been classically trained in Music at University, it was a desire to get out into the ‘Real World’ of Music and Rock ’n’ Roll in particular by meeting other like-minded people in the Local Music Scenes of Vancouver Island and across the Straits into Vancouver.

           He garnered his experience in several ‘Garage Bands’ with Gigs and short -run Tours and Dates at a variety of Venues on the Canadian West Coast. Hereby he was able to meet other Musicians a plenty along the way. It was at just one such House Party  one evening when he met a future Collaborator Mike Parris. And the two of them ran across Bimmy von Ulfernsteff at a different Music Venue in Vancouver a few weeks later on. 

           By this time Den was going by the name, D Savoi ( or simply DS).  These three  became fast Musical Friends and remained in touch. They would later go on to form a Band of their own that would become  the ‘Belt of Orion’ Rock Group—thus becoming their Nucleus members.