TRANSCRIPT of the Mike Parris Interview , as given by CiTR 101.9 FM Radio Host, Theresa Sellars               

   T.S:    " Hello and good morning listeners,  I'm Theresa Sellars, your ‘Wee Hours Hostess'.  I wish to welcome our guest this morning, Mike Parris , one of the co-founders of the Rock Group ‘Belt of Orion' ….  —welcome Mike Parris…." 
  M.P:    "Thank you Theresa, it's a pleasure to be here." 

  T.S:     " Mike I can tell from your accent that you are not from around these parts, what is the story here?" 

                (Guest laughs). 

  M.P:   "Yes, well without getting into too much of an answer—I was born in S.W. London, England and came to Canada with my parents as Landed Immigrants following my leaving School there." 

    T.S:     "What made you all move here for a new Life?" 

     M.P:   " Well that's it on the Head Theresa-a New Life. My Dad was in Business a long time building up a Dental Lab. And a better life for his Family, and was tired mentally …wishing to retire. 
 So when the opportunity to sell his Business to some friends came along, it was the right time. 

     T.S:    " Interesting. Canada? Was there something about coming to this Country that made a difference? 

     M.P:  " Absolutely, my Mother had a Son and his Family from her first marriage that were living in Alberta at the time. We had heard good things about standards of Living and better Opportunities /  chances for advancement ,etc. So for a chance at a new experience and a bright future seemed like a great idea—for Mum & Dad it was Retirement, for myself a New World of Adventure". 

       T.S:  " For sure, definitely a far bigger place. Your Parents made a wise decision Mike". 

      M.P:  " Yes I believe so". 

   T.S:  " Very good, so tell us how you got into Music? What influenced you Musically?" 

 M.P:  " I'd have to say my Mother. She would always be singing songs, breaking into Verse  around the House. As a younger Woman she would be in Plays , do some Amateur Acting and Dancing on Stage to entertain Families on Seaside Holidays. Mum loved to Show Boat. He first Husband was a Jazz Band Leader, a Drummer, this was my Brother's Father." 

T.S:    " So this is your Brother in Alberta? So Drumming runs in your Family then?" 

M.P:  " Yes it does. He lives with his Family in B.C now. My Brother doesn't play any Instruments, but as his Dadre-married and had another Son- this half-Brother of his also took up Drums like his Father the Jazz BandLeader. Whereas, on my Mother's side again, one of her Brothers—my Uncle Jack—also played Drums. So with so many connections in Drumming and Music in General- I guess it was inevitable." 

T.S:  " I get it. A wealth of influences and you're following in their footsteps then?" 

M.P:  "Yes I suppose.  I was bought a Drum Set at 14 years old –I still have it today." 

T.S:   " You brought it all the way to Canada"? 

M.P:  " Yes, I couldn't part with it. It is an ‘Oldie , but Goody' , an Pearl Kit. Perfect for small Gigs. I plan on getting Something more upscale  very shortly, as we progress. I have access to quite a few different Kits though. I get rich Tones from it, but its banged up a bit!" (Laughs). 

T.S:   " Wonderful. So who are your Musical Influences?" 

M.P:  " Most Genres. I have my strongest liking for the heavier Rock ‘n' Roll Bands and the Classic Rock Bandsof  my Homeland. Well, my Home is here now—but the Musical Legacy handed down to us cannot be ignored. I don't know where modern Music would be without the Family of Music from R & B sending us it.  I like the Rock, but also like the Raw, barely controlled energy of Punk, and the calmer almost solemn sounds of the Post-Punk Genre that followed in it's wake.  Musical Genres mostly branch from several common sources …and Music is like an International Language, people get what they want from it". 

 T.S:   " How does this translate to Songs from ‘Belt of Orion'? 

M.P:  " I am not the only person in the Band who is writing our Songs. It comes about, with myself at least, from manyyears of cramming mixes of Musical Genres, and favourite groups into a sort of Sub-Conscious miasma. I'll get a  Rock Tune, Riff or a Beat and suddenly there are Lyrics popping into my Head to match it. 

           --odd that! I can catch it on a Voice Recorder I carry close by and then continue on with my day…or go back to sleep and bed on the occasions I get these Tunes during the night." 

T.S:    " That IS very interesting! You get ideas from Dreams?" 

M.P:  "Occasionally Yeah! I've had a few Dreams and Songs developed from these. I missed a lot in years past until I Mentioned this my Bandmate friend and Collaborator, D.S. , who put me onto getting a Digital Voice Recorder ---then that was the beginning of a whirlwind Romance with this Device. Recording as much as came into my Head, I could pick and choose what I wished to develop, or not?" 

T.S:   " This is so handy—particularly when writing Original Songs. Has ‘Belt of Orion' always played Original Songs?" 

M.P:  "No. A sprinkling here of there to fill a ‘Set', but generally started with Cover Songs for small gatherings---  like Company Dances, the occasional Weddings. People react better towards Music they recognize or know. They find it easier to Dance to".  
  T.S:   " So you started out as a Dance Band then blending , or broadening into Artists in your own right?"   

 M.P: "Well? Yes...you have to begin somewhere. We had some members come and go, like most Bands experience. Some members were not into it. Couldn't commit , were fickle or just go off and do something else. They didn't have it together or had some bad habits harmful to the Band in general." 

T.S :  " I see, like Drinking , Drugs, that sort of thing?" 

M.P:  "Yes, that can be two huge issues that lead to some significant Problems. Lateness, Immaturity—like not serious, being half-Hearted or Tardy...not showing up! Things that are not  that easy to overlook or tolerate when other people are depending on us.  A Band needs to be organized these days, and have some  level of disciplined self-control to get the Job done. Time is short and  opportunities are few—so it crucial to do it right. Or what we  think is right anyway. 

T.S:  " That is a really mature outlook Mike, do all the Band Members  feel that way?" 

M.P : " I think so yes. D.S certainly does, he writes some of our  Material as well. Bimmy on Drums—I think he has this concept  Too (Laughs).  Alanna too—yes. Dean is there for us when he is  needed , he is our fifth member. We love his Guitaring and he  adds a certain edginess with his Vocals.  I think I can say all are  in this for the long haul—however long that is?" 

T.S: " Mike I understand that the Band is working on it's first Album,   Is that correct?" 

M.P:  "Yes it is Theresa. It's been a long time coming—all Original  Material, so we're all very excited about it and keen to see this  through." 

T.S:   "What is the Album Title and what Label are you on?" 

M.P:  " We are calling it Belt Of Orion - `Blaze Across The Night Sky` and we are on the Ergotone Label". 

T.S:  "Great!  Is there an expected release date anytime soon?"

M.P: " Yes, I can't put an specific date on its release like a Movie release. After Post-Production...as we are still finishing some numbers on it. There will be a Minimum of Twelve Tracks on it—maybe Thirteen? We are aiming for tentative release in the summer of 2023." 

T.S : " Thirteen, don't you think that is pushing luck (Laughs)? 

M.P: (Laughs) "How about this..we won't release it on a Friday!(Laughs). Thirteen is lucky for some, and others think it unlucky for all. To  us, it's just a odd number. We probably have enough material for  Five other Albums." 

T.S: " WOW!! –You wrote them all?". 

M.P: " A lot of them, others are being worked on. I'm a little like somebody in front of a ship—cutting through the waves and passing the Material back behind me for others to listen to and add to it. I like to keep us all busy, but won't always wish to be the  point man ALL the time. But for now, I'm far from bored of it and  don't mind." 

T.S: " Wonderful. Well Mike that's about all we have time for before we sign off for today.  I'd like to thank you for coming in". 

M.P: " Thanks Theresa , my pleasure again". 

T.S:   " And maybe you'd like to join us with other Band Members for a Longer time when the ‘Belt of Orion' releases its First Album, and  we'd like to hear you play some of it?" 

M.P:  " Yes , we'd like that very much Theresa. Thanks for having me here today , we really appreciate this opportunity to speak about what we are up to".                                                       

T.S:   " No problem Mike—Thanks for coming in". 

M.P: " You're welcome Theresa, thanks again ....Goodbye". 

T.S:  { We've been interviewing Mike Parris, co-founder of the Rock Band ‘Belt of Orion' , and talking a little bit about himself, the Band's Interests  and their upcoming First Album release tentatively in the spring of next year" }